• •  Are you confused about whether your school district is really doing what it can for your child?
  • •  Do you know where to start if you think your child needs an IEP?
  • •  Do you think you should bring an administrative claim against your school district?

Securing an appropriate education for your child can be an overwhelming process. New York special education lawyer Bonnie Spiro Schinagle, Esq. has first-hand experience in protecting your legal rights and giving you a true voice in your child’s educational future.  For special needs law, New York-based Schinagle Law can help your family.

“Bonnie is great @ what she does. Not only she is a warm & nice person, but she handles cases thoroughly & the results are AMAZING. She is highly talented & knows the ins & outs of the Dept of Ed. I’m eternally grateful for all she did to help my little girl get the education she deserves…Bonnie MADE IT HAPPEN. Thanks again for everything!!!!”

Listen to Bonnie Schinagle on “MomTalk With Maria Bailey”:

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