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NYS Education Attorney

Bonnie Spiro Schinagle 

I started my legal career as a judicial law clerk, intending to become a litigator. 

After that, I spent many years working in the area of insurance coverage litigation, dealing with complex, multidistrict disputes in federal and state courts. Then, my family faced a challenge. My child’s needs were not being met in our local public school in New York. Our family suffered anguish. Moving forward, I realized that I was presented with the opportunity to use my legal skills to help others, but wanted to become expert in my knowledge of the laws affecting school-aged children in need of special education.

I returned to school for a post-doctorate degree and engaged in an in-depth, scholarly examination of the IDEA and other laws protecting the disabled.  IDEA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act allow students across the country, including New York and Connecticut, to get the supports and services they need to function in school and society.  Getting full protection under the law, however, requires that parents know which questions to ask and the resources available.

If you are concerned about your child’s educational or social and emotional functioning in school, my firm can help.  I know firsthand the confusion and stress parents experience when their child’s development is questioned.  If you have these concerns, I can help secure your child’s legal rights.

- Bonnie Spiro Schinagle

I know firsthand the confusion and stress parents experience when their child’s development is questioned.  If you have these concerns, I can help secure your child’s legal rights.

Parent Reviews

She provided a lot of services. Very organized  Very caring. She proved to be a great person. I know she cared for my son. She put in a lot of work. She would call with updates and plans and never faltered.

- Avo Review by Bronx Parent

My child was diagnosed with selective mutism while attending public school, where the principal, teachers and staff members never heard of such a disorder. For a long time the school district was not responding to my requests or my child's special needs. I began to get extremely frustrated with the school's inability to help my child to be successful in their education. I felt as if my child was drowning in the public school system, where they just simply didn't have a clue on how to help her. Attorney Bonnie Schinagle recently represented my family against our school district. She could not have been better prepared to argue our case. The case ended with a very good outcome. Not only was she able to help us get a well needed and long overdue private education for my child but we also received adequate front door student transportation to and from private school. My child is now receiving the help she so desperately needed. Bonnie is truly compassionate, caring and understanding of families with special needs. Attorney Bonnie Schinagle has given my child one of the greatest gifts and we are forever grateful. I am very satisfied with her services and now my daughter and I have a peace of mind. I would recommend her services 100 times over if I could. You will not be disappointed.

- Avo Review by Brooklyn Parent

My twins were failing and miserable in a public school that they were failing but also completely miserable. No one at the school listened to my concerns. When I called Bonnie and spoke to her, I knew she was the lawyer for my family. Bonnie is straightforward, honest, compassionate, smart and a tough cookie. If you looking for lawyer who is going to fight against the DOE for a better education for your child then CALL BONNIE RIGHT NOW. My twins are now in a private specialized school and are finally learning and happy. Thank you BONNIE!

- Avo Review by Brooklyn Parent

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The Essential Guide to Special Education Law

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