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Hey People! Happy Thanksgiving

Yup, I'm procrastinating. But organization is on my mind. Maybe you have a highly disorganized little one. Being organized is a super important skill. Extreme disorganization can be a sign of something else and it can really interfere with your child's ability to succeed in school and life. If this sounds like your child, make a written request to your public school's psychologist for an educational evaluation. Once you have that, you may be entitled to an independent neuropsychological evaluation. (see my earlier blob posts on that!) But gaining organizational skills can open up a world of opportunity. Let me give you an idea of the role organization plays in my work as a lawyer.

My work is a partnership with my parent clients. I need the IEPs, report cards, testing results and any evaluations that may have been done (if they've been done!) from at least the last 3 years. Parents always have the right to make a WRITTEN request for your child's educational records. I'm familiar with these documents from drafting a Due Process request, but if we go to hearing, I review the documents again to decide which ones tell my client's story. Then, those documents have to be assigned an exhibit number, indexed and produced to the opposing party. I must be thoroughly familiar with each document so that I can prepare my questions for each witness. No winging it for me! Gotta get back to holiday preparations, though. Am I up to cutting the cauliflower? Gotta go check my list! Happy holidays to all.

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