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  • Bonnie Schinagle

Can I Get a Neuropsychological Evaluation Paid for by the School District?

You or your child's teachers have been concerned about some aspect of your child's performance in school. Either one of you can 'refer' your child for an evaluation. In this case, 'refer' simply means to ask.

An evaluation is a group of tests given by the school psychologist to figure out where the problem lies. Often, the school district's evaluations don't give you any more information than you have and sometimes the district's don't evaluate all areas of suspected difficulty. Every parent whose child has been evaluated has the right to ask for an independent evaluation by an outside examiner paid for by the school district. That request must be made IN WRITING BY EMAIL to the school psychologist. The District can respond by giving you a list of evaluators or bringing a hearing request to defend its evaluation. Get help from someone to review the district's evaluation and to make sure that your written request for an evaluation is sufficient. #specialeducation #IEP

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