Feb 9

Tell Betsy Devos What Parents Want – A Call to Action!


Betsy Devos’s own website includes a statement in a letter to the Detroit Free Press dated September 11, 2016, that “We believe parents, not elected officials or bureaucrats, are in the best position to determine what is in the best interest of their own children.” In her speech accepting the Education Secretary nomination, that “special needs students” are owed “…our full support.” Cool. Get active and let Ms. Devos know what parents want. she doesn’t have an email set up just yet, but…

1) CALL the Education Department: 1-800-872-5327

2) SEND MS. Devos an email at contact@betsydevos.com

Here’s a suggested script: I am the parent of a child with ____. He/she is (intellectually disabled, average intelligence or above average intelligence). If you are really responding to what moms and dads want, we want an education that maximizes our children’s potential. We want to preserve our right to have our children education in our local public schools, but we also want to preserve the right to have our children educated in specialized private schools at public expense if that is where our children will make the most progress.

In her acceptance speech, Ms. Devos also said “there is no greater achievement in the world than positively changing the life of a child by bending the arc or breaking the cycle through education….” Let’s hold her to that standard.

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