Jul 11

Summer Checklist


It’s hazy and maybe you feel lazy. Still, work is never quite done. Check to make sure you’re on top of things:

1) have you received your child’s IEP?
2) have you read the IEP to make sure it contains all the supports, services and goals you agreed upon at the IEP meeting?
3) have you been sent notice of assignment to a particular placement?
4) have you visited the placement?
5) did make a written request for a class profile?
6) have you sent a letter to your district stating any objections you may have had to either
a. the placement (based on your visit) or
b. the suggested related services, accommodations, goals or classroom setting?
c. the district’s failure to provide certain evaluations

If you have exercised the right to enroll your child in a private school that serves your child’s unique needs, your district must be provided with written notice that you will be withdrawing your child from public school and that you will be seeking tuition reimbursement. When I write these letters, they are very detailed and let the district know the arguments I will assert in my Due Process impartial hearing request. This is called the “10 day letter.” The next step is to start the Due Process proceeding.

Remember that available IDEA remedies also include ‘compensatory education’ to make up for services that should have been provided to your child, but were not. If you have enrolled your child in a summer program providing instructional services, ask the program to provide written progress reports. Contact me to see if we can work together to seek reimbursement for your child’s summer program or tutoring. It will be crucial to show that your child would have regressed without the summer program or instruction.

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