Aug 14

It’s 10 Day Letter Time!


If your child has an IEP and hasn’t been making either social emotional or academic progress – or both – you have the right to withdraw your child an enroll them in an appropriate private school. Note that it can’t just be any private school. It has to be a private school that has the learning supports and/or learning environment that were lacking in the public placement. You can seek reimbursement of the private school tuition, but you’ll have to prove three things:

1) your child’s program did not allow for progress;

2) the private school you’ve selected will allow your child to make progress, especially in their area of unique need; and

3) that you cooperated with the District by attending all meetings, sharing all reports and evaluations you may have obtained about your child and discussing them with the public school district and that you provided notice at least 10 BUSINESS days prior to withdrawing your child from public education and placing them in a private school. The notice is called the ’10 day letter.’

If your start date for the 2018-2019 school year is September 5, 2018, then the deadline is coming up. As always, my office is here to help.

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